Another World for PS3

This project is based on the reverse engine made by Grégory Montoir, and reimplements the game Another World to be played on PS3.
You need the original english DOS data files (in english, the game is known as "Out of This World").


imgs/aw1.png imgs/aw2.png




Arrow keys => Allow you to move Lester
Cross => Allow you run/shoot with your gun
Select => allow to enter a code to jump at a specific level
Start => pause the game
Triangle => quit the game
R1 => save game state
L1 => load game state
R2/L2 => change game state slot


Where should i place the original game files ?
Place them into /dev_hdd0/game/NEWRAW_00/USRDIR/data folder.

What is sdcell version ?
Current release comes with Robo Hobo's sdcell version for better video and sound experiences.
This library is an other unofficial port of libSDL to PS3.